About Us

About Us

TSM is a group of professionals with extensive experience as Traders, in particular as Day Traders and Swing Traders.

We focus primarily on buying and selling stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange, however, our strategies and mentoring work perfectly for those who choose to trade in any market and for different financial instruments including Options, Forex, Markets Futures, and Derivatives such as CFD.

- Our passion is to transfer our knowledge and experience to train and form new Traders.

- Our vision is to build a community of Traders able to generate consistent profits regardless of the direction of the markets.

- Our objective is to introduce them to a world of opportunities offered by the stock market so that they can generate an additional income in their free time and even their financial independence, working whenever and wherever in the world.

Products and Services

What can we offer?

Group and private coaching

We can coach you to identify your investment strategy, your risk tolerance and which type of trading you will feel more confortable to generate more profits.
In short, we offer ongoing advice and mentoring from introductory levels, through the paper trading (raising his confidence), to complex investment depending on your needs.

Training courses

We cover beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
Our goals:
- Help people who have no experience and take them to became professional traders who generate consistent profits regardless of the market trends.
- Help professional traders to improve their trading skills and increase their profits.

Blog, Training Videos and Handouts

We offer a blog with relevant content to improve your trading skills as well as weekly report explaining the overall market dynamics, tendencies, etc.
On our website and Youtube channel we have material support, training videos and free tutorials to help you get started in Trading.

We provide you with FREE training videos and support material.

Our Blog: