Weekly Market Report (03 / 01 / 2017)

In this post we present our market report last week, it was sent to our customers premium service day Tuesday 03 / 01 / 2017.
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This week will remain low intensity due to the lack of volume. No macro economic or relevant ads that can change the macro trends are expected event, which is expected if the market is aware whether or not fulfilled OPEC cuts.
Also noteworthy was the positive results of the strength of the Chinese economy which can have a positive impact on raw materials, including oil, and also in Chinese companies.

In the energy sector rose by oil due to the aforementioned cuts are expected. As discussed in our report the previous week, we expected an upturn around $ 55 per barrel, accurate projection because that is the price per barrel today.
We see upside potential in APA, one of our favorite, recovering after reaching $ 63,50 ... estimate a recovery potential 10 69% to $. The observation and we will inform you of a possible entry.
FCX, another of our favorites, has failed to win the $ 14 in recent days and the positive projections of the sector, we now hard to realize the breakout and break this resistance. We also observation.

As for the metals industry a slight rise and / or stability is expected since the end of the year there was some correction.
CLF have decided to maintain the action, since due to the low activity in the market for the Christmas season, its movement in the price did not reflect the actual projection and did not merit a close, we thought that with the volume recovery recover uptrend.
Gold end of the year showed a significant rise, no major changes are expected although we must be alert to any new event.

FSLR in the solar sector has maintained the downward trend, it remains to be seen if he regains a little to make any decisions.

TSLA ceded much of its profit back to its previous support of $ 214 and fell back down the line of 200MA. Pre market is at $ 215.50 pushed by the positivism of the sector, but that tells us nothing significant upward force in action. Since none of the trading day closed above 220, we estimate that the analysis still value downward.

As for BABA closed the year with little expectation, pre market seems that with the beginning of the year and positive around you can expect an uptick news, the critical point is to break the $ 90 and reverse the trend. Although he broke the stop loss, he has strong support in the range of $ 87 with the moving average 200 in its daily chart, so decline to closing. It is showing strength in pre market produce positive results, above, showing strength in the Chinese economy.

In the pharmaceutical sector we are looking ICPT, MED, CELG, HUM and EW since we added to our portfolio due to its potential.

Another action that we observation is CMG (Chipotle Mexican Grill), which gave up the range of $ 375. We will be monitoring closely for a possible entry to the upside as it has good expectations that returns to its previous level of $ 400.

Our team of traders are constantly monitoring the market, preparing for the next recommendation.

Actions we are watching closely: APA, CLF, FCX, BABA, MRO, TWTR upward; FSLR, AAPL, potentially TSLA down. We will keep you abreast of any relevant information that affects our watch list or open positions during the week.

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