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All courses / coachings are created / taught by our main Traders:

Antonio Iskandar: 12 years of experience in the market. Swing Trader.

Elie Farage: 5 years of experience and 3 years living exclusively from trading.

Group coaching program

This program has a duration of 8 weeks. We will start from scratch until you make your first trades in the real market.
  • During each week you will have 1 1h30min group class with our traders.
  • Support of doubts and questions duringall week.
  • Weekly monitoring of your progress.
  • At the end of each class you will receive the presentation of the same in PDF so that you can review it during the week.

If you can not attend some of the classes, we have a service to view the classes in deferred within our portal or virtual campus.

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Private coaching program

Our weekly private coaching program is 100% customized and adapted to the needs and prior knowledge of each person:
  • 1 weekly private coaching hour with our traders.
  • At the end of the coaching session we will send you exercises to put the acquired knowledge into practice.
  • Support of doubts and questions duringall week.
  • Review and correction of your exercises.
  • Weekly monitoring of your progress andCustomization of your next class based on it.
  • At the end of each class you will receive the presentation in PDF and the recording of the same (downloadable) so that you can review it as many times as you wish.

Group and Private Coachings

Introductory Course to Trading

Introductory course to be a Trader from scratch.
In this course you will receive an excellent basis for understanding the stock market with real, practical and profitable examples that you can apply in it.

The program ranges from the fundamental analysis of the actions for the creation of your watchlist, to examples of real trades using basic strategies of technical analysis.

We will accompany you from scratch, until your first trades.

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Photo producer group coaching

Introductory Course to Day Trading

This introductory course covers all the theoretical and practical tools required to be a Day Trader.
The course includes 3 successful patterns, explained with real examples, two for shorting and one for benefiting from upward actions.

Premium membership for our portal or virtual campus:

This monthly payment membership allows you access to our virtual platform or campus where you will find:
  • Introductory course to trading - audiovisual format - without direct classes with us (valued at $ 99).
  • Introductory course to day trading - audiovisual format - without direct classes with us (valued at $ 99).
  • Area of ​​support material: we upload articles to complement your learning process and videos explaining the best trades of the week, practical examples deeply explained that will allow you to see how we analyze, from the decision making to the decision to close the position.
  • Live Chat: section where you will have access to our live chat where 1 or 2 sessions will be held per week where we analyze the market, we show you concrete analyzes of actions that we find interesting, etc. (It is the same chat of the reports service).