A team at your disposal with only one objective

About us

At TSM we are a group of professionals with extensive experience as Traders, in particular as Day Traders and Swing Traders.

We focus primarily on buying and selling stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange, however, our strategies and mentoring work perfectly for those who choose to trade in any market and for different financial instruments including Options, Forex, Markets Futures, and Derivatives such as CFD.

Your training is designed to be done whenever you want and you can anywhere in the world.

Our passion

It is to transfer our knowledge and experiences to train and train new Traders

Our vision

It is to build a community of traders capable of generating consistent profits regardless of the direction of the markets.

Our aim

It is to introduce them to a world of opportunities offered by the stock market so that they can generate additional income in their free time and even their financial independence, working whenever and wherever they are in the world.

The team

Trading In Stock Market provides more than 15 years of experience in Trading through two professionals who will be constantly at your disposal to improve their knowledge and results with each of the products purchased

12 years of experience in the market. Swing Trader

Antonio Iskandar

5 years of experience and 3 years living exclusively from trading. Day Trader

Elie Farage

Are you ready to train you as a great Trader?

At TSM we want to become a better Trader to stand out in the market

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